Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau Statment
The world is witnessing a rapid and varied development in the presence of the technical and informational technology that provides community’s individuals and its institutions with accurate scientific and practical studies that serve its main needs for research and keeping up with the Arab and global development. Therefore, the role and the importance of informatics in decision making processes, building future plans and designing community policies in all field are increasing. Since the first day of establishing the Central Statistical Bureau, it was keen to spread statistical data and culture that are characterized by accuracy, comprehensiveness and objectivity covering various sectors. Our work follows adopted international standards with high quality techniques for we seek improvement and ensuring the increase of efficiency. Thus, we strive to build what would contribute to the development of our country and to the provision of all the requirements of decision making and designing general policies of the state. Our country’s prosperity depends on the use of statistical, legal and scientific means prepared and studied by human and material competencies that will serve our constructive work, if Allah wills so. We are proud that the Central Statistical Bureau is presenting the official website of Kuwait’s statistical data. Our website will be a window to view the Bureau’s work which is concerned with collecting and analyzing statistical data in different domains. In conclusion, we invite you to browse the official website of the Central Statistical Bureau and benefit from the services we provide and which we are devotionally making every effort to keep it develop and update continuously. We hope to receive your ideas and suggestions that would contribute to the our progress and the progress of our country, and it will be given due consideration. Sincere thanks and appreciations.