Central Statistical Bureau Message

To disseminate reliable and timely statistic to all users in order to support the development, planning and decision making, in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, through ensuring the usage of world-class systems and building a professional workforce.

Central Statistical Bureau Vision

Building national statistical system integrated effectively meets the needs of users of the statement and ensure superiority of Central Statistical Bureau as a national act in accordance with international standards.

Contact Us
  • Address : ALSharq – Arabian Gulf Street - Beside Grand Mosque
  • Telephone : 22428200
  • Fax : 22437048
  • Email : CSB@CSB.Gov.KW
Title Download Version Type Periond Download times
household income and expendeture survey 2013 pdf file Excel file Annual 2013 15233
Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2007 - 2008 pdf file Annual 2007 2563
Family Income and Expenses Stat. in Kuwait 1999 - 2000 pdf file Annual 2000 554
mop Income & Spending Family 1999 - 2000 pdf file Annual 1999 505
Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2013