Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau Stratgy

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Strategic Objectives
Strategic Objectives Comments
1- Strengthen and consolidate the statistical system in Kuwait The implementation of each strategic objective is based on a set of measurable operational objectives
2- Enhance national, regional and international relations and partnerships
3- Provide world-class, improved, and timely statistical data
4- Improve the technical infrastructure and data architecture
5- Enhance public awareness and availability of statistics
6- Ensure management functions are efficiently covered and maintain a high-quality and motivated workforce
Key performance indicators will be identified for these operational objectives to gauge CSB’s performance towards its desired targets KPl’s will be aligned with performance management framework strategy map objectives
Shared Values
Alignment on shared values among the CSB workforce is the basis to establish a common culture
Our Values
Teamwork We collaborate with our providers, users and each other to optimize our efforts
Enthusiasm We are passionate about our work and take pride in delivering national statistical products
Dedication We perform our work with seriousness and are dedicated to the organization we serve
Precision We honor precision in the work we deliver, our outputs drive Kuwait’s planning
Confidentiality We respect the national duty we contribute to, and honor the confidentiality of information we process
Knowledge Transfer We are committed to transfer the knowledge we have required to our colleagues